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Tech News Today 4/5/12

by Joe Murphy Librarian on April 5th, 2012

Technology news from today, April 5, 2012

Amazing eBook reading stats,Harry Potter eBook sales figures, Draw Something see 1 million downloads a day and reaches 50 million, Uber now allows for Scanning Credit Cards in-App with smart phone camera for easy sign up, cutting the cable cord, 2nd screen engagement, YouTube adds 3D Viewing Option, Amazon Adds Spanish Language Section to US Kindle store, Microsoft’s nswer to Google Project Glass, Online Movies May Overtake Physical Film Content via DVDs this Year, IT Plans for Deploying Tablets in the Classroom, Crowd sourcing book segments, iBrain brain reading devices, cutting spam texts.

1 in 5 Americans say they’ve read an eBook in the last year:

21% of US adults report having read an eBook in the past year, up 4% since just last December, and 4 times more than 2 years ago  – data from new Pew report shows. eBooks are favored when considering quick access and portability. eBook readers also read more (average of 24 books read in last year as opposed o 15 by print only readers) and in more formats, they read a wide variety of content from research to leisure reading, they spend more time reading (especially tablet owners), almost a third read on their smart phone, and they are more likely to purchase electronic content instead of borrowing.

Harry Potter eBook sales Through Pottermore Reach $1.5 Million in First 3 Days:

Mashable and AllThingsD (“Incendio! Pottermore E-Book Sales on Fire”) report from a Podcast interview with Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne. Probably surpassing 160,000 digital copies sold according to PaidContent.

DrawSomething Passes 50 Million Downloads & Has Been Downloaded About 1 Million Times per Day:

OMGPOP’s casual game can now boast 6 billion drawings. Draw something beats Angry Birds as the new top paid AND free iOS App.

Scan Credit Cards in-App with Smart Phone Camera:

Uber, the mobile car service reservation start up, has announced a new feature for simplifying the signing up process that allows user to enter their credit card information simply by holding it in front of their smart phone’s camera.

More Americans are Cutting the Cable Cord:

Mashable shares info from a report by the Convergence Consulting Group about the continuing trend of turning away from traditional TV. More online streaming of content may be in store.

Nielsen Report Reveals Stats on Second Screen Usage While Engaging TV Content:

“In the U.S., 88 percent of tablet owners and 86 percent of smartphone owners said they used their device while watching TV.”  While watching TV, viewers were using their devices to check email or engage the TV content, possibly through Getglue or Twitter etc.  Techcrunch’s take.

YouTube adds 3D Viewing Option:

See the YouTube blog and this Techcrunch piece.

Amazon Adds Spanish Language Section to US Kindle store:

Offers Spanish langue titles, as well as customer experience created for Spanish language speakers within the US. Amazon Press Release, Techcrunch article.

Microsoft’s SemanticMap Makes Location Sensitive Experience Unique to Each User:

“The idea is technology that lets physical signage change based on a specific user, that user’s location and what that person is looking for” as reported in Techcrunch. Instead of device reliant augmented reality, Microsoft’s tool will use “face analysis, gesture recognition and proximity detection.” A next stage in information interface beyond the smart phone or glasses/head gear.

Online Movies May Overtake Physical Film Content via DVDs this Year:

“This year, for the first time, US consumers will pay more for online movies than they will for DVDs and Blu-ray discs” reports eMarketer from research done by IHS Screen Digest.

Plans for Deploying Tablets in the Classroom:

“Research outfit Piper Jaffray recently surveyed a small group of public-school IT managers (18) about their mobile device deployments and found 78 percent to be testing iPads and/or Chromebooks (6 percent said they were testing Android tablets).”Article on survey by Piper Jaffray.

Collaborative Authorship With Nicolas Sparks:

“Help write the next great Nicholas Sparks book with USA Weekend”

More Crowd Sourced Book Content:

“Author Jennifer Egan, used PowerPoint to crowd source a chapter of her Pulitzer Prize winning book. Now it’s being made into a TV series on HBO” via Slideshare Google+

The iBrain and new Generation of Brain Reading Devices:

A Device to Read Your Thoughts” The iBrain is being tested with Stephen Hawking, the device may hold potential for future of networked interaction. NYT.

Cutting Spam Texts:

Getting too many spam text messages on your library’s mobile phone? Try these methods to stop them.

Connecting Facebook Chat to other for Virtual Reference:

Tip Of The Week from NYT Gadgetwise may help your library’s answer service.

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