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Tech news Monday April 2

by Joe Murphy Librarian on April 2nd, 2012

Some brief pieces of technology news for today, Monday April 2, 2012.

1/2 of US households own an Apple product, Consumer Reports list iPad as top tablet, iPhone & Android users form separate tribes, Zynga & Draw Something, camera apps primer, Pinterest news and uses.

New iPad very well received:

“98 Percent of New iPad Owners Satisfied With Device” “The new iPad’s high-resolution Retina display was cited by 75 percent of those polled as the device’s best feature. Long battery life and 4G LTE capability were also highly rated…” Report came from this ChangeWave Survey

From Consumer Reports –“ New Apple iPad tops our tablet Ratings.”

In related news – “Half of U.S. households own at least one Apple product”

Apple devices dominate in cities, Android in rural areas. “How Big Cities Can Lead to Small Thoughts” “users of iPhones and Android devices constitute two distinct “tribes,” with far more contact among members of each tribe than between tribes.”

Zynga and Draw Something maker:

After Zynga’s purchase of Draw Something maker OMGPOP, the game developer has seen a large increase in use. “OMGPOP Draws Zynga’s Daily User Traffic Up By 25%” Draw Something is bigger than Zynga’s most popular Facebook games.

Mobile photo apps:

“A Crash Course In Cool Camera Apps” A primer on mobile photo sharing apps, one of the biggest mobile trends for the last year. I wrote about how to use Instagram in library settings in my upcoming book.

In search -

Serge has built a mobile search engine that uses voice, music, vision, barcode, QR code, location, augmented reality and video recognition technology to connect users directly with brands.” Sticking with trend of using the image element of the viewed object to connect to its digital components, as QR Codes do.

In Pinterest news:

“Flash Sales Giant Gilt To Offer Special Discounts To Pinterest Pinners”

“Gilt Groupe Samples Group Buying Model on Pinterest” “Pin it to Unlock” promotion

“Pinterest Becomes Sales Driver for Major Home Goods Store”

“Need More YouTube Views? Try Pinterest”

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