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Tech News for April 4

by Joe Murphy Librarian on April 4th, 2012

Technology News for April 4, 2012

A third of teens own an iPhone, Google Augmented Reality glasses, rent Paramount movies through Google, Android claims ½ of platform share, a Netflix for online magazines, printing robots, Google Play vs. Apple store earnings, Amazon Instant Video streaming to PlayStation 3, Aviary replaces Picnik in Flickr, Ustream comes to Facebook Timeline, Windows Phone has 80 thousand apps, and Changes in Google search.

1/3 of US Teens Have an iPhone:

Report also shows that about a third of teens own a tablet, 70% of those are iPads

Google’s AR Glasses are more than Rumor:

The Google Augmented Reality glasses, discussed in my favorite venue, the Howstuffworks Techstuff podcast, are in fact real. The AR Glasses overlay digital info on top of the real world in front of you uniquely through a pair of glasses-like product instead of the smartphone screen. See the full story from the NYT Bits blog.

Google’s Project Glass is being tested now and not yet available to the public. “We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.  We started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.” See also TechCrunch’s coverage

Rent 500 more movies through YouTube & Google Play:

Paramount, Google Link Up for Movie Rentals” “The announcement means that Google, which has been struggling for years to figure out Hollywood, now has rental deals with five of the six big studios: Paramount, Sony, Time Warner’s Warner Bros., Disney, and Comcast’s Universal.”

104 million smart phones in America, Android claims 50% platform share:

New comScore report shows that 104 million Americas have smartphones, “234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices,” Android boats 50% platform share, Apple has about 30% of platform share, Apple is now 3rd in OEM device market share. See my full post for more details.

Netflix Model for Digital Magazines:

A product released by Next Issue Media (NIM), similar to Netflix in function and form, plans to be a “digital storefront and reading experience that meets readers’ needs across all the many new platforms coming into the market.” The app will be Android first with Apple app coming soon, offers the benefits of: simplicity and central place “a unified tablet newsstand,” buying/subscribing in bulk, single navigational features across titles, and will include 32 titles at launch.

Subscription models include an all access subscription for $14.99 and a subscription only for monthly titles at $9.99. This is cheaper it is noted, than subscribing directly to certain titles included. From the Forbes story

“Business model — curated bundles of content sponsored primarily by advertising.” Allows subscribers to swap out content and not commit to single titles. Success can really count on its ability to attract more publishing partners. The big change here is the new subscription model: from title based to bundle. Publishers may receive revenue based on the time readers spend on their titles within the app.

This AllTingsD story reports not hearing any plans for Kindle Fire version of the app and that the iOS app may not come until this summer.

3D Printing of … Robots:

Printing robots that can perform to meet your functional needs. “MIT Project Aims to Deliver Printable, Mass-Market Robots.” From a Wired article.

Google Play Brings in 1/8 the Revenue that the Apple App Store Earns Daily:

Inside Mobile Apps reports on findings from a new study. “Apple pulled in more than $5.41 million a day in January. By comparison, the Android Market (now renamed Google Play) registered average daily revenues of $679,000 for both smartphones and tablet apps in the same period.” Original report from CCS Insight and Distimo. “In–‐app purchases now account for 60 percent of revenue among the 200 highest–‐grossing applications for Apple and Android.”

Amazon Instant Video can now be streamed on Sony PlayStation 3:

For the first time, Amazon Video content streams on a game console. This new service is available for Amazon Prime customers and includes “more than 17,000 TV shows and movies” through the Amazon Instant Video app.

Press Release Amazon Instant Video Now Available on PlayStation 3 System

Flickr replaces its photo editor Picnik with Aviary:

As Google shuts down Picnik, Flickr sought a replacement photo editing tool in Aviary. Aviary provides photo editing features for mobile app developers. Aviary is based on HTML5 so the same photo editing functions can be used in the tablet and smart phone apps (might this help Flickr survive in the face of Instagram?).  Flickr still has 75 million users, including many libraries and librarians.  From Techcrunch

Ustream comes to Facebook Timeline: and from Techcrunch

Windows Phone Marketplace now has 80 thousand apps:

Reported by Techcrunch on the growth of the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Google search changes in March:

See the Google Inside Search blog for a list if Google search updates.

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