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Staff Tech Day Presentation for the Florida Panhandle

by Joe Murphy Librarian on January 14th, 2013

1.5 hours of tech trends and 1.5 hours of practical applications. I am presenting on Jan 18 all day in Florida about technology (trends and practice) at the Panhandle Library Access Network (PLAN) Staff Technology Day.

The goal of this workshop is

PLAN tech day murphy

Sides for this talk linked here

to educate about today’s new technology trends and prepare librarians for applying new technologies to their libraries.

In the first session I explain the cutting edge technology trend areas with in depth analysis of some disruptive changes that impact libraries. I use a heavy dose of motivational tech theory to propel us into sharp focus on the practical elements of leveraging new technologies. Some tech areas explored include second screens and the library, Facebook’s Graph Search, Show-rooming and the library, Phablets, new smartphone concepts, mobile messaging, Disney’s new initiative and its meaning, and e-reading stats.

In the afternoon session I focus on how to strategically decide which techs to implement, which to dedicate resources towards exploring, what the opportunities and challenges are, and exactly how to apply specific technologies in the library.

Some of the technologies covered include:

Mobile messaging, 3D printing, Tablets and Phablets, Instagram, Foursquare, Elements of Facebook, Pinterest, ereaders, Flipboard, and much more.

The event is held on Jan 18, 2013. Niceville, FL.

- Joe Murphy Librarian

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