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Staff Development Keynote for Tufts University Library, Mobile Techs & Library Staff

by Joe Murphy Librarian on June 1st, 2011

Change affects each & every one of us stakeholders, so don’t get comfortable.

Keynote for the Tuft University Library staff development day in Boston, 6/2/2011.

Focusing on current trends in mobile and other technologies impacting content and collections, I discussed what skill areas library staff now need to successfully provide information services.   We also explored the important directions in technology change from the perspective of trend spotting, and how to navigate through these changes.

Talked about how mobile literacy forms an important basis as just one level of Pan -literacies in a continuously evolving ecosystem of tech/information, and that the ability to face Change is the key to success.

Presenting at staff development events is a special treat for me. I deeply value participating in the formation of our professional skills, and look forward to our ongoing, joint growth.

If you would like to host me as a speaker at your staff training or development event, send me an email or Facebook message

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