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Some Tech News from Today (and Yesterday)

by Joe Murphy Librarian on April 12th, 2012

Here are a few bits of important technology news:

Man Behind the Commodore 64 Dies

Google+ gets a makeover.

“I’ll Take “PC Disruptors” for $500, Alex. (What Is “a Tablet”?)”:

“35 percent of tablet owners say they use their laptops less frequently since getting a tablet, while 45 percent have no plans to buy an e-reader now that they own a tablet.” Tablet use still compliments TV consumption.

Smartphone Sales to Hit 1 Billion in 2014

According to a study cited by Mashable.

The Apple e-book conspiracy: Three days in January”:

About the Apple eBook price fixing charges.

Social network that helps with info overload:

Wavii Distills Information Overload Into Plot Points”. Tool’s algorithm takes authority of sources into account.

Spotify adds a Play Button to embed in your site

iPhone-Friendly Watch Gets $500,000 Kickstarter Funding in a Day

Connect with your mobile patrons … through their wrist.

TripAdvisor Plays the Kevin Bacon Game to Make Reviews More Social (Sort Of):

Reviews from peers may carry more weight.

Content takes center stage in Yahoo overhaul”.

Yahoo’s shake up includes an emphasis on content.

Infographic shows how Facebook use at work increases productivity:

From Keas via Mashable.

Open Government is Go for Launch at NASA

Renewed open data sharing plan

NETFLIX forms Political Action Committee – Streaming Content Lobbying: and

Netflix Starts a PAC. Will It Lobby For a New SOPA?

38% of Children on Facebook Are Younger Than 12

– despite the age restriction of 13.

Facebook Groups for Schools launched.

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