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An Online Audience of 200 Thousand: Views of my Presentations on Slideshare Pass Two Hundred K. Joe Murphy Librarian

by Joe Murphy Librarian on February 19th, 2013

Analytics reveal that there have been more than 200,000 views of my tech trends keynotes and other talks on, more than 100K views in theJoe Murphy Slide shows last year alone.

I’ve used Slideshare to host dozens of my slideshows since 2007. My presentations given around the world and posted to my account have been viewed around 217,000 times.These slideshows are keynotes, talks from vendor user groups, featured talks, state chapter keynotes, and more. Posting my slides online broadens the audience across the world reaching many more than are physically present and expanding the conversation across time and context.

Are we following each other on Slideshare?

The live audience always gets the first and the fullest look. Slides only tell half the story so the full value comes with the in person (or online) live talk.

My most viewed presentation so far is “60 Apps in 60 Minutes” (with 6218 views and 88 downloads) from the 2012 SLA conference in Chicago co-presented with Scott Brown.

My most recent slideshow was from a staff tech day hosted by the Panhandle Library Access Network in Florida.

Tech Day FL PLAN

Recent International keynote presentations;

netherlands slides Tech & Libraries

brunei keynote

singapore iatul keynote

I did not use Slideshare for talks I gave in Bahrain and Mexico.

Online- only Presentation:lib2012 keynote

Keynote for the global Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference.

Slideshare is also great for extending virtual-first events.

Recent representative talks:

Keynote for the ACRL Oklahoma chapter. “Academic Libraries, Technology, and Ubiquitous Information” Nov 2, 2012.

OK ACRL keynote

Library Corporation User Group Conference in St Petersburg, FL. “Tech Changes Impacting Traditional Models” Oct, 1 2012.

tlcu keynote


My talks now generally focus on technology trends and their impacts as well as inspiration through the changes. I never use the same slide deck twice because there is always something new in technology.
I’ve also presented on practical applications of specific technology areas; Pinterest was big in 2012, Three Dimensional Printing, QR Codes, eBooks, social media, etc.

More Stats:

  • My top tweeted uploads include: 2 presentations about Pinterest for libraries in 2012, a cover story I wrote for Online, “Using Mobile Devices FOR Research,” and a paper on that I co-authored with Dr. Heather Moulaison for an ACRL conference “Social Networking Literacy Competencies for Librarians.”
  • My Slideshare uploads have also been spread via Facebook; 167 Facebook Likes, 154 shares, 61 Facebook comments.
  • Many uploads were featured on the Slideshare homepage.
  • Most of my non-US views come from China, Canada, France, UK, India, Australia.

Beyond Slideshare presentations:

Of course I haven’t posted everything or even always used PPT (thank god). I used Prezi for awhile but returned to Slideshare a year or so ago despite its strong features and high view count because of the universality of PPT.  I used the Slidecast feature of Slideshare to host virtual presentations at several events.

Papers unsurprisingly received most downloads on Slideshare, including my CV.

slideshare stats


I have some fun upcoming presentations, including; the Innovative Interfaces Inc Public Library Directors’ Symposium, the Tampa Bay Library Consortium Social Media Expert Series, and the exciting Computers in Libraries for a talk about content tech and a panel with innovative leaders.

Future Opportunities:

I look forward to continuing my contributions to the profession by speaking to wonderful library groups around the world. If you are interested in hosting me as a speaker at your event send an email ( or connect on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter.

choosing our focus

- Joe Murphy Librarian

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