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Next Trends in Mobile Technology, presentation for HHLIB

by Joe Murphy Librarian on February 18th, 2011

Next Trends in Mobile Technology. HHLIB4 presentation.

The major trends in mobile technology for 2011. My presentation for the fourth online Handheld Librarian conference on Feb 23, 2011.

Staying current is staying relevant

The full Slideshow is available online -

Slides of talk:

In this talk I cover:

  • upcoming developments in mobile tech and its cultural components
  • insights into what technology trends to watch this year
  • what the mobile landscape will look like in the near future
  • tips on how we can meet these changes

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Here is an abbreviated list of topics address in this talk:

  • How the current mobile landscape looks and the ways that is reflected in the larger tech environment.
    • The emerging social/mobile tech trends of …
      • Mobile photo sharing (Instagram, Path, Picplz, Hipstamatic etc).
      • Checkin services (Getglue, Miso, etc).
        • Many (26!) people checked in to the topic of the talk on Getglue, impressive real time engagement!
      • Social Recommendation services (Bizzy and Google Hotpot).
      • Foodspotting as example of successfully combining trends.
    • Location in the 3 facets of contemporary foundational trend, current tech trend/suite of techs dominating the landscape, and emerging tech informing many mobile techs and products on the horizon.
    • Current status of products and trends of location-based services as well as possible near futures for Foursquare and where in this arena to gear resources
    • Where QR Codes and Augmented Reality are now as tech trends catching on and what their prospects will be this year as applicable tools.
    • Touched on the trend of providing full content in mobile apps instead of apps as portals.
    • Discussed mobile payments as a “now trend.”
    • Explored issues of adapting library policies to match user behaviors stemming from these trends. For instance: allowing photographs in libraries to facilitate common usage of mobile photo sharing as part of our patrons’ life flow and facilitating location-based engagement etc by limiting rules against smart phone use in libraries.
    • I wrapped up the session with a bit on mobile literacy and how to adapt our skills to match the demands of these trends, the most important of course being our ability to stay flexible.
    • Don’t get comfortable. This is the point of left the audience with. Change is the constant with mobile technology and we do not have the luxury of avoiding these trends. The ability to flow with trends is the key to our success. Enter the mobile life flow as individual professionals, and always be ready for its changes.

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