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News & Trailers via Video on Instagram & Vine, Some Analysis

by Joe Murphy Librarian on July 17th, 2013

Brands are using micro social video via Video on Instagram and Vine for movie trailers, announcements, and more. These media examples show how this confluence of social and multi media is taking Instagram and Vine, and with them their Facebook and Twitter ecosystems, easily into the next stage.

Micro video for social announcements:

MTV is introducing nominees for its Video Music Awards event on both Instagram Video and Vine. Nominee videos are released once per hour, tying posts together in a hashtag project. MTV is opting to use the stop motion method popularized in Vine and made easy by Vine’s and Instagram’s video capture technique of hold release. This is surprising because Instagram video is just as good at capturing live or scripted real world video. I’ve noticed that aspects of the tool, Instagram’s more flexible length choices than Vine, and embedded into established social circle, have guided opportunities for creativity. Although, the limitation of both Instagram and Vine of not being able to upload preproduced video limits live shoots. -

Trailers on Social Micro Video:

Staying with the media theme, brands have also been using Instagram and Vine to debut movie trailers -

Analysis, The social / mobile continues shifting media consumption:

The MTV example is important because it shows that Instagram is changing aspects of the news cycle just as it impacted the way we tell stories about places (posts associated with a location), topics with hash tags, and starting points for community narrative as a mobile first tool.

More meanings from the movie trailers examples: validation of the micro social video platforms for reaching audiences, mobile and social as

Joe murphy librarian instagram

primary means of getting word out, the tease serving as a preview for the trailer – a new step in the pre-consumption stages.

I am still having fun exploring Instagram is it and the culture evolves

-  Joe Murphy, Librarian

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