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New Words Added to the Dictionary Reflect Tech Life

by Joe Murphy Librarian on August 29th, 2013

BYOD, hackerspace, MOOC: just some of the tech related new terms added by the Oxford Dictionaries Online (not the OED).

[Note this is the Oxford Dictionaries Online (which “focuses on the current language and practical usage”), not the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) though it is the same publisher (OUP).]

There were lots of tech related terms added, including these following:

  • Phablet: its not a phone and its not a tablet, it’s a phablet – midsize mobile devices expand consumption, blur lines of device categories, and reflect that a mobile device is not first and foremost a phone.
  • Selfie: those pictures all your Instagram friends post of themselves, made famous in the Myspace era.
  • Digital Detox: taking a cleansing break from tech life
  • bitcoin: the virtual currency long used by hackers etc now making a break into the mainstream.
  • BYOD: bring your own device, the major trend in enterprise IT.
  • emoji: those little emoticons we see … everywhere.
  • FOMO: Fear of missing out, a major aspect of the success of viral campaigns.
  • hackerspace: a sharing centered technology workspace. This is where Makerspace comes form.
  • Internet of things: where everything becomes a connected smart device creating and using data, and a major future focus for information centers.
  • MOOC: massively open online course, free internet education study.
  • twerk: see Miley Cyrus and the news eruption this week. Ok this isn’t tech related.
  • unlike: reflecting the “Like” as action and value in the social capital economy.

See the Oxford Dictionaries Online post about the new words.

Adding these words reflects the power of cultural aspects of our tech and social engagement upon the development of culture and vice versa.

- Joe Murphy, Librarian

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