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Lots of Tech news 4/3/12

by Joe Murphy Librarian on April 3rd, 2012

Whew there is a lot of technology news today. Here are some highlights and what they mean for our industries.

There is little I love more than art museums. So this story made my day:

The free Google Art Project expands and adds Google+ integration. Now includes “artwork from 151 museums in 40 countries.” See the Mashable story and the Google Blog post.  Also: extended search features (”Using completely new tools, called Explore and Discover, you can find artworks by period, artist or type of artwork, displaying works from different museums around the world.”), image quality of Street View inside museums has been improved, and viewers can now build a personalized art gallery from the full collection with the My Gallery feature (Pinterestish?)  The Google Art Project is on Google Plus.

iPhone Outsells Competitors:

The iPhone on AT&T and Sprint is outselling its smart phone competitors “and selling at roughly equal volume to all Android smartphones at Verizon.”

Timehop adds boards:

Timehop adds Pinterest-like boards feature where you can favorite your year old social memories.  “Social Media Memory App Timehop Adds “Pinterest for Your Past” Two major web trends colliding: self curation of social activity. I would personally rather see a “Pin this memory to Pinterest” feature, but will be trying out this new option.  This quote reveals the importance to us: ““Basically, we’re making Timehop more social and interactive and turning it from a purely consumption experience (read a daily email) into more of a place for social interactions on the Timehop website,” co-founder Jonathan Wegener said.” The strategy of transitioning consumptive content to service oriented models.

Amazon and Content Stores:

“Amazon testing in-app purchases, enters app store battle with Google & Apple” From VentureBeat Will compliment Kindle Fire as a content driver. Ironically, the Amazon App store will also charge 30% for in app purchases, the same rate that caused such a guffaw when Apple instituted it, and which drove Amazon to release its Kindle Cloud Reader to avoid such fees.

Mobile and Social Payments:

Belgium start up Paycento uses Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to make quick one click online payments. See this Reuters story.  These accounts can be associated with a Paycento account, and uses the easy model of the social share and utilizes a micro payments model as opposed to subscription based access.   “We want to make it economical for the merchant, for the publisher to offer something at any price point,” says Paycento’s founder, Pieter Dubois, revealing the paywall model provided by this product.

Google buys a payments technology company, TxVia, which focuses on the prepaid cards segment.

From AllThingsD This move may help address the struggles Google Wallet has faced.

Starbucks Teams up with Google Offers for Promotion:

Starbucks to Provide $5 Off $10 Gift Cards via Google Offers Google Offers is Google’s daily deal service that is included in Google Wallet

Biggest Telescope, Most Data:

The science nerd in me enjoyed this news story about the Square Kilometer Array, the largest radio telescope ever built, meant to “look farther out into the universe – and farther back in time – than any other instrument.”

And the librarian in me appreciates the challenges and opportunities of managing such huge amounts of data. “The instrument will generate an exabyte of data every day – that would be 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes – more than twice the information sent around the internet on a daily basis and 100 times more information than the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) produces.”

Online Piracy is Down, but so too are Sales.

“French anti-P2P law cuts back pirating, but music sales still decline.” Arstechnica story.

Slideshare integrates with Google+

Slideshare announced in its email digest today and on its blog that the social slideshow and document platform, has opened up to Google Plus Hangouts with an app. Techcrunch story.

Path updates Further Address Security:

You may have noticed an update to the Path update today; here is part of what the update includes.

Facebook Search:

Former Google employee leads Facebook search team. “Facebook Delves Deeper Into Search” from BloombergBusinessweek

Gathering analytics for email marketing

BrandMyMail / recently extended from Gmail to also now encompass Outlook, also now includes some social metrics. Might help with tracking and assessing library marketing initiatives. From Mashable

In the Discussion of Socially Interactive eBooks:

Is making books social a good thing or a bad thing?” “Every form of media has migrated online and benefited from conversation.” – Clive Thompson.   Thompson is right that “being able to see what other people have said about a book and to talk about it and respond to it is going to be a freakishly huge boon for books”” because a true value of knowledge containers is their ability to spark conversation and facilitate social knowledge synthesis.

This is key as libraries adapt to their ongoing evolution as facilitator of knowledge creation.

In Location:

Foursquare partners with to allow users to check in to a restaurant that they are ordering delivery from. Maybe Foodspotting could do similar next so I can Foodspot and give credit to where I got the food from?

Not just articles, but Video is also marked to be “read” later:

For Read It Later (an Instapaper competitor), video content as opposed to text is often bookmarked.  Read It Later’s success with video came in part from video bookmarking and in-app streaming features.  From Gigaom See the Read it Later blog post. “Video saves in Read It Later are up 138%, and YouTube is our most-saved domain; The median length of a video saved in Read It Later is nearly 30 minutes”

Pinterest Shake up:

My favorite thing about the shake up at Pinterest we have been hearing about with cofounder Paul Sciarra’s departure is that his new position at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is “entrepreneur-in-residence.” Libraries would do well to create such positions.

Tumblr joins Facebook Timeline:

“Sharing your posts on Facebook just got a billion times better.” Mashable story

And last but definitely not least – Instagram for Android is finally available:

Download the Instagram app for Android on Google Play More from Gigaom “Instagram’s website is currently receiving 10 million page views each day, adding up to some 300 million page views per month, co-founder Kevin Systrom told GigaOM.”

Instagram now has around 30 million users.  Impressive numbers for a mobile first and up until now iOS only, service. I want to see what beautiful pictures you Droid users add to Instagram.

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