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Google to Rent/Sell Textbooks

by Joe Murphy Librarian on July 24th, 2013

Google announced today that students will be able to buy and rent textbooks for consumption on their devices through the Google Play store in time for the new school year. The textbooks from these 5 publishers (Wiley, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Macmillian Higher Ed, and Cengage Learning) are also accessible on the web and smartphones (even including non-android iOS devices), can be rented for 6 months much like a book check out from an academic library. The enhanced eBooks feature highlights and notes that are cloud synced across devices. Prices no revealed yet. This was announced alongside Google’s bigger content news of its new web cotnent streaming to TV device, Chromecast.


  • Extends Google further into the dorm room, classroom, and more.
  • Text books (eyes and sustained focus), in the Google ecosystem – advertising.
  • Libraries have more reason to have a role in the Google world
  • Will this increase the argument that you can Google everything, including your textbooks?
  • What pressure does this put on libraries not providing textbooks?

This news comes in addition to the other announcements at a Google event this morning including: its new tablet Nexus 7 with 7 inch screen, newest version of the Android operating system Jellybean 4.3, and the big content news of Chromecast (the streaming web to TV accessory).

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- Joe Murphy, Librarian

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