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Facebook Unveils Video for Instagram

by Joe Murphy Librarian on June 20th, 2013

Facebook just announced  video for Instagram and it is available now as an update in the app store.

This addition of video to Facebook’s popular Instagram picture app is noteworthy because it means the social value of micro video is expanding to the biggest player in the social landscape.

It also means competition with Twitter’s Vine in two new arenas -slightly longer and slightly shorter user generated video, whose possibilities users will play with.

Details of Instagram Video:

  • 13 video filters: parallels the filters that have made Instagram the icon that it is.
  • A thumbnail for the video is created for sharing.
  • Can record 15 secs of video: this 15 secs, Vine allows 6 secs, may be the leap frog that makes Vine-like micro videos more accessible just as the iPad opened up mobile reading broader than the iPhone could.
  • Minimum video is 3 seconds: so it tries to beat Vine at both extremes while possibly opening up the platform for new user crafted directions with the micro micro format.
  • Videos do not loop: Play once, to counter Vine’s approach, maybe less annoying, different model of consumption and may drive different type of creation – Vine seems to facilitate Gif like video.
  • Video stabilization: “Cinema,” a video stabilization tech keeps hand shot videos from being wobbly.
  • Everything else is the same, ”everything we love about Instagram, but it moves”: hashtags to connect related videos, the same simple Instagram experience that is the real key to its success.
  • The famously iOS first app has switched gears as this update is available immediately on Android, iOS, and the web.
  • Instagram videos are already popping up and they look great.
Vine, really Twitter’s ecosystem as the owner of Vine, is the major competitor to Video for Instagram and it is the tool that made this tech vector into a tech direction with its 13 million users.
In another example of how the social tech giants have to follow each other, Twitter/Vineinstagram video update joe murphy library tried to try to preempt some of Facebook’s thunder by announcing, “Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing some exciting new parts of Vine.”

Instagram’s Stats and drive:

Instagram has had 16 billion photos shared, a billion likes every day, and 130 million monthly active users. So even if you have not been motivated by Vine’s success there is now no choice but to take note now as Facebook’s Instagram brings micro social videos to a much larger audience.
The Power of image Instagram itself is of note because it allows everyone to contribute to a visual narrative and harnesses the power of images in connecting . Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom explained in the press conference that visual is in Instagram’s “DNA.” As humans, we are “on a quest to take a moment in time and record it,” so like other subtle aspects of social media tools, Instagram is about remembering.
Instagram CEO again, “when I think about Instagram, I think about moments.” (Social is still about ‘The Moment’).

Where the library will be sharing micro videos:

Vine will continue to be relevant just as Twitter and Facebook can coexist. But Instagram has the ability to reach your Facebook social graph which is larger and more connected than rival ecosystems.
I think this may be the moment when micro social video hits the mainstream and impacts/provides opportunities for libraries and content.

I am @joelibraryfuture on Instagram

– Joe Murphy, Librarian

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  1. Joe Murphy Librarian permalink

    Another reason or Instagram’s addition of Video might be Vine’s passing Instragram in terms of daily shares in June when Vine also launched on Android in addition to iOS

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