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Digital Libraries Symposium, Mobile Tech for 2011 – ALAMW11 –

by Joe Murphy Librarian on January 13th, 2011

Mobile Technologies: Issues for Academic Libraries” was the theme for the 2011 Digital Libraries Symposium hosted by Elsevier in San Diego during the ALA Midwinter meeting.  I presented about some of the big trends in mobile technology for 2011 and the challenges/opportunities for libraries and publishers within this information landscape. Below is my embedded Prezi presentation

Top Trends in Mobile Technology that i identified to watch in 2011:

  • Mobile Social Photo Sharing
  • Social Recommendations
    • Social recommendation tools, typified by Bizzy,


      harness the localized power of recommendations from peers. Bizzy, “a personalized local business recommendation engine” ( takes your favorited venues and provides more recommendations based on your input and that of your friends.

  • Checkins
    • The checkin culture took a huge jump with the growth ofcheckin apps folderlocation-based services in 2010it continues to expand as a guiding experiential expectation for socially engaging information and more. Entertainment checkin apps such as Miso allow us to socially engage our favorite TV shows. With GetGlue we can also check in to movies, games, books, music, topics, and even wine (love it).  The key here is that there is value and reward to participating with and sharing our activities in an online mobile environment . This theme is impacting cultural expectations upon information engagement, and is impacting the way we socially discover.
  • I also talked about the app Foodspotting; a perfect example of a product that embraces each of these trends (checking in to foods and restaurants, social discovery, and photo sharing/visual exploration). Its success lies in the balance of location-specific suggestions and contributions, checkins to locations and foods, and socially sharing pics all through a mobile portal while playing off the foodie/social media urge to share.

I mentioned that the pulse of mobile consumer culture can be measured by glancing at how we set up our smart phone screens. This pic below of my current iPhone home screen at the beginning of 2011 illustrates how contemporary tech trends guide my personal behaviors.

iphone home screen

current iPhone home screen folders

Location and Social continue to be big ones, but the new comers (Checkin & PhoTo) reflect the growing role of those related apps in my mobile life.

I had the honor of sharing the panel with:
  • Brian Schottlaender — The Audrey Geisel University Librarian, University of California at San Diego.
  • Kevin Rundblad– User Experience and Social Technology Strategist, University of California at Los Angeles.
  • Suzanne BeDell– Managing Director, S&T Books, Elsevier.
  • Moderator: Daviess Menefee, Elsevier.

Guiding principles, opportunities, and challenges -

Before I jumped into the specific technology trends, I actually mentioned the following principles as the current context for mobile tech and info engagement -

  • Mobile is the landscape for digital libraries now, so technology trends are reflective of that reality.
  • Mobile literacy for librarians is the key challenge. Fluency in the technology uses, impacts, and culture of information is necessary for information professionals.
  • Technology, especially mobile technology, is changing rapidly and the viability of libraries to remain a useful element in the mobile information flow of our patrons relies upon our ability to adapt to these changes.

Here is the Prezi I used to guide our discussion of mobile tech trends for 2011 -

  1. Joe Murphy permalink

    Bizzy Rec Check: The Stonehouse Restaurant –
    great guest post on the Bizzy blog the illustrates the reward and usefulness of Bizzy for social recommendations

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