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CIL Talk: The Changing Face of Content

by Joe Murphy Librarian on March 21st, 2012
The Changing Face of Content cil 2012

My talk at the Computers in Libraries conference in DC  - The Changing Face of Content: Publisher & Info Pro Perspectives in the Content Management track.

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Cil 12 changing face of content
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From program:

Andrea Kravetz, Vice President, User Centered Design, Elsevier
Joe Murphy, Librarian, Technology Trend Spotter, LibraryFuture and formerly Yale Univ

Today’s librarians are faced with an increasingly complex operational environment. There are more than 1.4 million scientific journal articles per year for scientists and researchers to comb through when trying to find a piece of information, and librarians have the daunting task of helping them with this search. To make matters more complicated, the content itself is also on the verge of a revolution. Not only has the explosion in digital content changed the way a typical library visitor searches, but it has changed the role of librarians as well. Kravetz explains how the traditional scientific article is evolving and what librarians must know in order to direct researchers, including the format and functionality, and highlights how current technology allows the information contained in articles to be better linked and contextualized. Murphy outlines other major disruptions in publishing and accessing electronic content that are changing the landscape for 2012. He discusses the trends to watch along with the technologies and industry changes likely to occur.

Teaser: self curation, Flipboard, iAuthor, Inkling, interactive ebooks,

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