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App Vending Machine from Google

by Joe Murphy Librarian on October 9th, 2013

Google Japan now has vending machines in Tokyo for downloading mobile apps via near field communication (NFC) to bridge digital/physical access models – the same issue libraries are working with.

18 free and paid gaming apps from the Google Play store can be downloaded via NFC or Bluetooth with these three app vending machines at 3 stores across Tokyo. Users simply place their Android device on a tray and it will start downloading your purchased app.

Interesting to libraries as we see various other industries continue experiments trying to resolve access of digital resources in physical spaces.

For those without an Android device – the machine will let you borrow an Android Nexus 4 to “test drive” the apps and the process – in an Amazon Kindle like model providing the gadget to deliver the content and hook you to the experience.

Google is smart to balance between paid and free apps as we see a shift in success models towards in app purchases (Paid Apps Aren’t Dead — but They Are on Life Support).

Like much in shifting industries, this is part experiment (physical representation of online marketplace) and part attention maneuver.

This is not fundamentally different from providing access to ebooks in or beyond the library via NFC enabled objects, Bump-like sharing, Augmented Reality, QR Codes etc. There is a need for digital access at real world points.

What is next in tech solutions for content provision?

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- – Joe Murphy, Librarian

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