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Apple iPhone News, Oct 4

by Joe Murphy Librarian on October 4th, 2011

Here are some great places to get current live news about today’s Apple event:

Highlights of the iPhone news here to follow. Sources include live streams from the event:

  • iOS 5 coming Oct 12
  • One new “World” iPhone released, not the suspected two, with GSM and CDMA
  • iPhone 4s includes Airplay
  • New 8 megabit camera with large light sensor
  • iPhone 4s will feature wireless updating – no PC needed
  • Siri voice control feature: Complex search and synthesizing data feature integrated into hardware
  • iCloud synch contacts, photos, docs, calendars, etc across iOS devices
  • Can backup and restore with iCloud.
  • Reminders feature includes location-based reminders.
  • 16 billion songs sold on iTunes
  • “93% of fortune 500 co’s testing iPhone”
  • ¼ of a billion devices sold with iOS
  • 1 billion apps downloaded per month
  • 18 billion apps downloaded in total so far
  • Apple Cards app is another great example of iOS incorporating up and coming mobile trends.

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