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ALA11 PR Forum: Going Mobile @ Your Library

by Joe Murphy Librarian on June 20th, 2011
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Going Mobile @ Yr Library:

How Libraries Can Serve Mobile Phone Users.


I deeply enjoyed speaking at the 2011 ALA PR Forum in New Orleans about PR, marketing, & advocacy in the context of mobile/social end users

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The presentation addressed major changes and opportunities for PR brought on by this year’s technological trends. We touched upon the important areas of concern, technology problems and solutions, pro tips for branding the library through these times of change, and how to leverage some mobile technologies for marketing.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who attended this early Sunday morning session.

We started with the famous photo of the Vancouver kissing couple to spark our discussion on PR in the age of mobile social media.

I then explored strategies for demonstrating the value of libraries through this time of change.

Discussed some of the major technology trends affecting the roles of libraries and the opportunities they present for renewing perceptions of relevance.

  • Disruptive publishing
  • Smart phone as the focus
  • Location as point of interaction
  • Checking in as engagement
  • Community visual narratives
  • Increasing role of data for mobile communication

We left with some inspiration, and a reminder that (to paraphrase Marvin Gaye) – As long as we are moving, there is always a chance.

More information from the conference program: PR Forum: Going Mobile @ your library: How Libraries Can Serve Mobile Phone User.

Did you know that 85% of Americans own a mobile phone? The proliferation of mobile phones and the advent of smart phones that can do just about anything (there’s an app for that!) means that people are getting and using information in ways that libraries need to be aware of. A panel will discuss how mobile phones provide a unique opportunity for libraries to market themselves and help customers seek the information they need. The PR Forum is an annual program for library marketing professionals, coordinated by the ALA PR Assembly.

I am very thankful for this opportunity from the ALA PR Assembly to present at this event. It  allowed me to meet and hear form creative librarians from around the country. Putting together this talk also forced me to take stock of where technology and libraries are half way through 2011 and reevaluate our goals and strategies.

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