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A Mobile Bridge: QR Codes and Libraries. Webcast

by Joe Murphy Librarian on November 19th, 2010

Webcast on QR Codes – THE Technology of 2011.

Slides available at and embedded below.

QR Codes represent a hope for bridging the print and physical world with the rich world of networked data. I will present this live e-Learning webcast for ACRL to help librarians learn about QR Codes and their applications.

Date: 1/26, 2011

2pm EST (90 mins)
A Mobile Bridge, ACRL Webcast

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Registration for this event is open (

Scan the future

- Scan the future, 1/26/11 -

QR Codes are two dimensional bar codes scan able by smart phones that link real-world objects to online data. They offer an opportunity to leverage mobile devices to access digital information and extend the power of rich print or analog media into mobile learning and research environments.    One future of library services lies in applying mobile technology to bridge the gap between print media and digital information.  QR Codes represent the immediate future for evolving libraries.

This webcast will introduce this powerful yet simple mobile technology and will explore the many possible applications of QR Codes in academic libraries. Joe Murphy will discuss the implications of QR Codes for information engagement, learning, and discovery in a mixed media age and will demonstrate the potential power as well as the complications of leveraging this emerging technology in our libraries. Learn how best to create and employ QR Codes to enhance library services, collections, and spaces to keep our libraries part of our patrons’ information flow in a digital and mobile world.

Attendees of this webinar can expect to master the Learning Outcomes:

  • Fully understand what QR Codes are and how to use them.
  • Become familiar with the possible applications of QR Codes in library settings.
  • Learn how to implement QR Codes in libraries including how to create the codes and staffing considerations.
1/26 – Will you be there?

Presenter: Joe Murphy (me), Science Librarian, Coordinator of Instruction and Technology, Yale University.

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Joe Murphy's QR Code

See the ACRL event page for technical requirements, registration, &  info.

Registration fees:

ACRL member: $50 | ALA member: $75  | CACUL member: Can$90 (US dollars)  | Nonmember: $90  | Students only pay $40  | Group*: $295

- Join the event, join the future of libraries and technology -

Scan the future

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